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Release time: 17:24, October 26, 2020 Publisher: Dongmeng Road & Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd.

Which kind of crusher is more durable? Less money?

To break stones, I want to buy a stone crusher, but I'm worried that the crusher I bought is not durable and needs to be replaced soon, which kind of crusher is more durable and cost-effective?

Wear resistant and durable hard stone crusher: single cylinder cone crusher

Many stone crushing equipment is not durable, because the hardness of stone is different, the choice of crusher is not in line with the processing of high hardness stone, so the equipment in production will appear serious wear, but single cylinder cone breaking is different!

Schematic diagram of single cylinder cone crusher

Single cylinder cone crusher can crush stones in medium and fine way, with high degree of automation; it can be customized
The equipment is used to crush a variety of hard stones. It is very suitable to process high hardness materials, and the parts are made of wear-resistant and pressure-resistant materials. Under the crushing principle of lamination, stones with different hardness can be crushed, but they can be automatically shut down when encountering indestructible foreign matters, so as to avoid wear and tear of the equipment, with less faults, durability and more money saving.

Wear resistant and durable crushing machine: heavy hammer crusher

Heavy hammer crusher, can be broken stone, can also be reshaped
The use of heavy hammer crusher in the crushing of stones is more cost-effective, because the equipment can directly crush large stones into building stones, no need to process crushing again; Only through the more wear-resistant hammer to break the material, the hammer head is not easy to wear, a hammer can be used for a long time, if there is wear, only need to replace the hammer head, no need to buy the whole equipment, low maintenance costs.
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Where are the durable stone crushers that can save money and process stones? Here, Dongmeng machinery has all kinds of stone crushers, and they are all in stock. It's right to choose stone crushers in Dongmeng?
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2. Experienced technical engineers, can be customized for you, build your crusher;

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