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Release time: 17:24, November 14, 2020 Publisher: Dongmeng Road & Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd.

What kind of equipment is used for stone and sand processing?

About 5% of the waste materials are produced in the process of processing in the stone yard, which is usually called leftovers. Even about one-third of the rough boards are leftovers. If these scraps are discarded, they will pay a great economic cost. Improper stacking will also affect the environmental protection. Therefore, some people come up with the idea of crushing these scraps and making sand into tens of millimeters in size Even finer sand can be used as aggregate to improve economic value.

1、 What kind of equipment is used for stone and sand processing?

Due to the different sizes of leftovers, there are stone slabs and stones; the hardness of materials is different, including marble, bluestone and gravel; the granularity requirements of customers' finished products are different, and there are stones and sand. What should we do? Therefore, we have to choose different equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to the equipment that can handle leftovers, as well as the use effect, for reference only:

1-1、Heavy hammer crusher:

The leftover materials in the stone yard are mostly brittle materials. The heavy hammer crusher is a new type of crushing equipment, which mainly aims at the materials with compressive strength less than 200 MPa. Its main feature is that it can realize "one-time molding", with large feed inlet, up to 1000mm and small discharge port, which can directly produce finished products of various specifications. One set of equipment has multiple functions such as coarse crushing, intermediate crushing and sand making Users reduce equipment costs by more than 40%.

1-2、Counterattack crusher:

The impact crusher is also a good choice for processing leftover materials. It is often used in secondary crushing. The feeding port for processing leftovers is large enough to directly replace the coarse crushing and intermediate crushing. The equipment adopts stone impact crushing. The rotor and crushing cavity are designed for different applications, and the materials with pressure resistance less than 350 MPA can be broken. The gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer is used to automatically adjust the discharge, and the finished grain is produced Good shape and high uniformity.

1-3、Roller crusher:

In many scrap crushers, the roller crusher is also a special one. It can crush the material containing 8% moisture without blocking. The extrusion crushing between two rollers has strong strength, but the feeding is small. It can be used for sand making. The shape of the leftover material is good and the fineness can reach 0-30mm.

2、 The new type of scrap processing equipment can increase the benefit by more than 40%

All of the above are fixed crushing equipment. Now there are mobile equipment in the crushing industry. The heavy hammer mobile crusher is favored by users with the following advantages:

2-1、One machine is a production line

The heavy hammer mobile crusher is equipped with feeding, coarse crushing, screening and transmission at the same time. One equipment is a production line, which is very convenient;

2-2、It is easy to move around

It can drive directly into the production site without piling. It has small turning radius and small floor area, which can reduce the transportation of raw materials;

2-3、Improve production efficiency

Integrated production of equipment, which integrates feeding, coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and screening, directly improves the production efficiency by more than 40%;

2-4、Oil and electricity, intelligent and convenient:

The equipment is equipped with national standard diesel generator to avoid power failure or sudden power failure in the wild;

If you are interested in the above equipment, you can talk online at any time. Dongmeng 24-hour customer service will provide you with detailed information of different equipment, and provide factory visit and special car pick-up. Dongmeng sincerely invites to cooperate with you.

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